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Your Networking Ally

Company Overview

Zyxel exists to unlock people’s potential. We do this by connecting businesses and home users – and have done for more than 30 years now. Today, this means using the cloud to deliver the most reliable networking solutions possible, using AI to protect against cyberthreats that evolve by the day, and using online subscriptions to make licensing flexible and affordable.
In 2019, Zyxel Networks spun off from affiliate Zyxel Communications, marking the start of an exciting new chapter built on our proud tradition of innovation. Supported by 700 passionate associates worldwide, we serve 150 markets, with over 100 million Zyxel devices creating global connections and helping more than a million businesses to work faster and smarter.
Zyxel, Your Networking Ally.


30+ years of networking expertise


700 passionate associates


150 global markets served

100 million

100 million devices
creating global connections


1,000,000 businesses working smarter
with Zyxel solutions

How WE CAN Help You

With over 30 years of networking expertise, it’s clear to us just how much potential is trapped behind slow, insecure, and even non-existent networks or internet access. This is why we strive to provide complete product portfolios and end-to-end solutions, making lasting connections that make a real difference.

For Business

We know our customers, and we design our products and services with them in mind, from the hospitality industry to education, from small businesses to big. We make security solutions that deliver powerful protection, insightful analytics, and simplified data compliance, we use the cloud to make network management straightforward and affordable, and we offer flexible service and license solutions so customers can pay as they grow while always getting exactly what they need.

For Home

There are more hybrid workers, home offices, and streaming services than ever, and homes need full-signal, full-speed internet access in every room. Our plug-and-play solutions, like the mesh-powered Multy, change the game for home users. Say goodbye to long download and file transfer times, videoconference seamlessly, unleash 4K streaming, and get your gaming on without latency.

Brand Stories


Reshaping hotel industry with smart tech

Hyatt's business in India had been growing for years. But, at the hotel chain's corporate HQ, employees were struggling for a good wireless signal and IT staff was wasting hours trying to manage the network's components. Hyatt knew an overhaul was in order. It went on the hunt for a cost-effective but high-performance solution that could deliver high-speed, high-stability access in addition to simplified network management. Finally, the hotel decided to adopt Nebula cloud network management solution, which is scalable, futureproof and ensures an attractive ROI.


Fail-safe and uninterrupted internet connectivity

Uninterrupted internet service is of great importance for restaurants. In addition to offering WiFi to guests, restaurants require a stable network to handle orders, process transactions, and communicate with headquarters, like by uploading stock and billing information to the cloud. The Turkish restaurant sought an optimal solution that could provide backup internet as its fixed line went down oftentimes. Zyxel's LTE 4G routers were chosen and deployed across the restaurant's HQ and branches, providing nonstop connectivity.