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Safety, Health, Environment and Energy Policy

Safety, Health, Environment
and Energy Policy

Zyxel’s mission has been to promote sustainable product innovation, business development. We promise:

  1. Follow all applicable ESHE regulations and other requirements of the company.
  2. Consult and communicate with employees to ensure that they can involve in procedures of management system and recognize their individual ESH obligations.
  3. Purchasing efficiency energy product and service, and enhance performance of energy equipment design.
  4. Develop green products and specifying hazardous substance limitation and rules in order to reduce environmental impacts results from product life cycle, continuously improve the process of product ecodesign, meanwhile, satisfying international environmental policy.
  5. Supply suitable plans and actions in order to lower the consumption of energy and materials, execute resource recycling and chemical control and prevention of occupational hazards and risks of contractor operations.
  6. By saving energy, pollutant and disease prevention to establish the targets and plans, and then improve the management performance of ESHE as well as product ecodesign continuously.
  7. Volunteer to inventory, control and reduce the greenhouse gas, and then save the energy continuously.