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Zyxel's Green Policy Statement

Award & Marks

Zyxel has qualified and been certified for some quality related management systems: ISO 9001, TL 9000, and ISO 14001. To respond continuously in its role as a green company, Zyxel endeavors to reduce raw material consumption, use higher pollution protection mechanisms, and maintain Plan-Do-Check-Active (PDCA) procedures to achieve higher efficiency risk management. Zyxel takes voluntary green awards and marks into account to enhance and improve internal environmental rules and requirements while establishing a valued green supply chain and strengthening the connections between suppliers to achieve sustainable development with all suppliers and customers.

Energy Star

Zyxel's Green Policy Statement

Considering the new Type IV environmental labeling, the US EPA ENERGY STAR program is increasingly focused on products described as being for miscellaneous use. The new scope Small Network Equipment (SNE) launched in Sep. 2013 (and revised in Nov. 2013) aimed at a networking equipment energy saving program.

To ensure that Zyxel products are designed with lower power consumption, on 1st Feb. 2014, VMG 4325-B10A and NBG6716 (EMG2926-Q10A) became ENERGY STAR qualified products under the scope of Small Network Equipment; Zyxel has the honor of becoming the 1st company to be awarded the Label in Europe, Asia…etc.

Test results have shown that Zyxel products are twice as energy efficient as required by ENERGY STAR specifications. ENERGY STAR is an international standard for the energy efficiency of consumer products established by the USA and adopted or recognized by Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, and the EU.