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USG Configuration Converter

Quick and easy migrations for upgraded speed

The USG Configuration Converter is designed to simplify your migration process from current device to the USG FLEX series solutions. Saving time and effort, easily apply existing USG configuration to the new series with the automated configuration migration tool, making your transfer a smooth experience!

Find the configuration models




ATP100/ 100W*, USG FLEX 100


ATP100*/100W, USG FLEX 100*/100W


ATP100/100W*, USG FLEX 200


ATP100*/100W, USG FLEX 200*


ATP200, USG FLEX 500


ATP200, USG FLEX 500


ATP500, USG FLEX 700


ATP700, ATP800


ATP700, ATP800


ZyWALL 110

VPN100, USG FLEX 500

ZyWALL 310

VPN300, USG FLEX 700

ZyWALL 1100


* Not to handle build-in WiFi conversion when choose wireless model convert to None Wireless model, vise versa.

See how configuration works?

Before conversion you should know the following:

  1. Your existing model must use firmware version 4.32 or later.
  2. The converter only transforms networking, routing, VPN, firewall policy and Hotspot.
    • The converter does not support LAG interface conversion. Please remove LAG configuration settings before conversion.
  3. All configurations that use a certificate will revert to using the default certificate.
  4. All customized web-auth. and UA portal files will revert to using the default profiles.
  5. All schedules will be removed.
  6. All Easy Mode, Device HA (A-P mode) configurations will be removed.
  7. The converter does not support ADP and UTM conversion.
    • The converter transforms Content Filtering profile settings but not URL Filtering categories (Botnet Filter).
    • SSL Inspection profile settings remain the same.
  8. IPSec VPN maximum parameters are checked and a warning issued if exceeded.

* After conversion, please check the log file to see what has been changed during the conversion.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: I have an USG110 with 36 IPsec VPN rules. Now I want to purchase a USG FLEX 500, but don’t want to configure these 36 IPsec VPN rules one by one. How do I configure the USG FLEX 500 quickly?


Follow the steps below.

  1. Save the USG110 configuration file to a laptop or PC.
  2. Go to the USG Configuration Converter website and link to the USG110 to USG FLEX 500 page.
  3. Upload the USG110 configuration file.
  4. Click Convert and download the new configuration file.
  5. Log in the USG FLEX 500 GUI and upload the configuration file (Maintenance > File Manager > Configuration File > Upload Configuration File).
  6. Select the uploaded configuration file, then click Apply to finish the configuration migration.

Q2-1: I have an USG210 and I want to upgrade to USG FLEX 500. I only use 3 ports on the USG210, the rest are undefined. Can this tool convert my port settings?


Yes. The Configuration Converter can convert all the port settings. Unused ports will be assigned a default IP address (

Q2-2: I have an USG310 and I want to upgrade to USG FLEX 700. The USG FLEX 700 has more ports than USG310. Can this tool convert my port settings?


Yes. The Configuration Converter can convert all the port settings. The extra ports will be assigned a default IP address (

Q3: Does this Configuration Converter work with the USG20-VPN to USG FLEX?


No. The Configuration Converter does not support the USG20(W)-VPN series.