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AiShield Solution

Unrivaled Threat Protection

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Cybersecurity Should Never Stop

Cyber threats continue to rise, traditional approaches have hit their limits, and now it’s time to put an end to those threats entirely. AiShield, a complete security solution that provides all the protection for your home/business network.


Web applications with security flaws can be exploited*1


Malicious mobile apps are blocked everyday*2


Ransomware attacks are growing annually*3


Companies believe IoT security is a big consideration for customers*4

$6 trillion

The cybersecurity damage is expected to reach by 2021*5

Prepare for the unexpected, is your network ready?

Since the security service conveniently covers connected devices, you can rest assure that every point of your home/business network will have the ability to thwart virtual prowlers with AiShield.
AiShield solution

Why does a business need AiShield for protection?

Regardless of the size/type of business, cybercriminals who want to access your business network will take advantage of any vulnerable attack points. A single unprotected or improperly secured network device can be all that they need to access an entire business’ private system.
AiShield solution

Keeping the Internet safe for children!

The Internet is filled with inappropriate contents and risky activities. Get a better solution to educate your children in a safer environment. AiShield is your extra set of eyes in assisting your kids from being exposed to dangerous online contents. Effortlessly manage your children's Internet usage, websites/applications filtering and set time limits. AiShield is here to protect them!

Move Beyond Defenses

No more unexpected cyber attacks

AiShield Security Service is designed to protect your home and office network from a wide range of cyber-attacks and many developing threats. Powered with multi-layer protection and cloud intelligence, AiShield delivers full protection against new and upcoming network attacks.


Pull away the welcome mat when threats ring your doorbell


AiShield Security Service is designed to protect your home and office network from a wide range of cyber-attacks and many developing threats. Powered with multi-layer protection and cloud intelligence, AiShield delivers full protection against new and upcoming network attacks.


Secure every inch of network, you’ll never miss a beat


A wider range of security services with the advanced protection keep your network safe and sound. Features include Anti-Virus, Phishing, Malware, Ransomware, Intrusion Detection Prevention (IDP) and Internet of Things (IoT) Security. Two overarching features collaborative design and self-assess machine learning to knit together security, database, and analytics seamlessly.


AiShield is ON 24/7


AiShield is always on duty, constantly checking for network abnormalities and automatically resolving problems, so you can focus on what’s most important to your family and/or your business.

Ease of Use

One app for everything, protection when on the go

Ease of Use

Designed with the user in mind, AiShield has an assortment of features to make setup and remote management a breeze wherever you go. User-friendly AiShield App provides anytime, anywhere control.


When performance meets protection


Even though much of its magic is performed behind the scene, AiShield has an array of reporting tools that give users unprecedented transparency and insight into their network security.

An inside look of AiShield app!

Our AiShield app is the simplest way to manage and protect your online activities, enabling you to experience a safer digital world. Easily control, review, report, and customize your AiShield solution with just a few clicks on our app.
AiShield solution AiShield solution AiShield solution AiShield solution

Check daily notifications, adjust settings, view threat reports through our clear visual dashboard. AiShield app makes it easy to know where you stand with your subscription status, helping you manage it more effectively.

Receive real time security threat analysis along with security threats that are detected/blocked and get warning reports about the status of devices in your network.

Application Patrol displays online/offline status, application usage and filter settings. The app also provides you with the ability to restrict web browsing and application usage for each user profile.

Digital parenting your kids anytime anywhere! We have packed fully functional features into one app to meet all your parenting needs. Take control of how kids spend time online, group devices’ profile, monitor Internet utilities and schedule screen time no matter where you are.

Stay protected with AiShield, start your free trial now!

AiShield solution run as a dedicated app with available In-App purchase security service license renewal option. New users get a free 30-day trial, Keep your devices infected-free from ransomware, malware, virus and many more with AiShield.

Before you activate, login with a myZyxelcloud account on your Multy app.

Step-by-step guide to make activation easier

How to activate the AiShield?
It is as easy as 1.2.3!

Tap the AiShield icon on the Multy app to activate the subscription.
Choose the ‘Free Trial’ option to start the 30-day trial.
Get activated and enjoy the seamless protection!

Supported Multy WiFi System

AiShield is now available for Zyxel’s Multy Plus, Multy X Tri-Band WiFi systems with Multy Mini add-on. Our products work together to protect your network from cyber threats!
For Shop/Business
AiShield solution
Multy Plus
For Large/Multi-story Home
AiShield solution
Multy X
For Multy X Add-on
AiShield solution
Multy Mini

What’s included?

  Multy X
Multy Plus
Free 30-day Trial
1-Year Bundle License
Advanced Security
Fully protected from cyber-attacks
Deter malicious cyber activities efficiently
Defense virus attacks
Application Patrol
Categorize and control of your applications
Content Filtering
Block access to harmful web content
Intrusion Detection
Multi-layered prevention and anomaly detection
Signature Update
Zero-time cloud-based signature database
Visualized Analytics
Get real-time security reports & notifications