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IP Surveillance Solution

The trend moving toward IP surveillance

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly creating business opportunities and the surveillance segment is among one of the largest. Requests of higher resolution, easy installation and management for surveillance system, analogue security cameras are gradually being replaced with digital IP cameras. Following the increased development of IP camera technology, PoE switches have played an essential role in surveillance deployments. Zyxel offers PoE switches designed specifically for surveillance applications.

Worry-free PoE
Power Budget

Larger PoE power budget brings a worry-free installation experience for CCTV installers who have no idea how much power their cameras are consuming.


Equipped with additional uplink ports fulfilling the need for cascaded surveillance networks without occupying ports for IP cameras.

Complete Port

Includes 8/16/24-port models frequently used in the surveillance applications suitable for CCTV installations of all sizes.

Go Farther than
100 Meters

Extends PoE and data transmission up to 250 meters for distant deployments.

How Zyxel differentiates ourselves from others

Specialized Hardware

The PoE switch is prone to lightning surges and electrostatic discharges because IP cameras are often installed outdoors. It causes damage to the PoE switch that consequently results in a disabled surveillance network. Zyxel Surveillance Switch GS1350 Series is designed with Patented Ethernet Protection on each port to protect the switch from lightning surges and electrostatic discharges.

Tailor Made Software

No more black-screen on your monitor

Auto Camera Recovery capability is able to intelligently detect problems and automatically recover from IP camera malfunction, which not only reduces truck rolls, but also shortens the recovery time significantly.

Uninterrupted, 24/7 IP camera operation is possible

Continuous PoE capability ensures non-stop power supply to IP cameras while the switch is undergoing firmware upgrade or rebooting. Your surveillance network stays up-to-date for the highest possible stability and security.

Complete PoE portfolio for surveillance

With over 30-years of expertise in PoE switches, we offer the complete PoE switch portfolio from entry-level to advanced options to cover different needs.



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