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Multy Series Solution

High-performance mesh
WiFi systems

Experience full-signal WiFi in your entire home or business with our mesh WiFi series, Multy! Discover what it’s like to connect wirelessly with the full speed of your internet broadband. Watch 4K content without the stutters, massively reduce download wait times, play online games with the advantage of lower latency, and much more. No longer do you need to worry about where you use your wireless devices. Multy’s got you covered!

Meet the Multy Family

Environment types Shops/Business Large/Multi-story Home Gain additional WiFi coverage from Multy X Medium/Multi-room Home
(max. sq. ft.)
5000 (pack of 2) 7500 (pack of 3) 4500 (bundle pack) 6000 (pack of 3)
Maximum no.
of nodes
6 6 6 6
Supports AiShield Subscription
Free 30-day trial plus 1-year bundle license

Free 30-day trial

Free 30-day trial
Solution pack Pack of 2 Pack of 3
Pack of 2
Pack of 1
Bundle pack
Multy Mini pack
Pack of 3
Pack of 2
Pack of 1

Unrivaled Protection Block All Threats

AiShield protects your network from a wide range of cyber security threats. Keep your devices infected-free from ransomware, malware, virus, malware, and many more with AiShield. New users get a free trial and now supports Multy Plus and Multy X with Multy Mini add-on. Get AiShield activated today!

Technology to Match Your Refined Lifestyle

Elegantly designed, the Multy series offers the flexibility to place your Multy units wherever you want without obtruding on your existing environment’s décor. Freely place Multy units in locations that provide the best WiFi connection. WiFi systems are usually an eyesore. Your Multy will be a beautiful conversation piece.

Mesh Technology
Has You Covered

Coverage is critical when evaluating WiFi products for both home and business. Traditional WiFi solutions, like a router with an extender, often cut speed in half and create separate networks that your devices need to switch between as you roam. In a mesh network, multiple WiFi nodes are placed around your home or business. Each node broadcasts a signal throughout its particular area, but these signals unite to form a single, comprehensive network. Zyxel’s Multy family of mesh products allows you to roam freely at home or work, knowing you have seamless coverage.

Saves You Time

It shouldn’t take hours of time just to get your WiFi network up and running. With the convenient Multy app, forget about having to call or pay for time-consuming IT help. The powerful app allows users to quickly set up their network and comes with a host of features to make monitoring and management a breeze. You may not be a tech guru, but the Multy app will make you feel like one.