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Just Connect Solution

Powerful, effortless, and scalable network connectivity.

Launch a network
in minutes!

With a few simple clicks! You are able to launch an entire network in minutes. You can even configure and deploy network devices without unboxing.

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Access anywhere, anytime!

The need to support your customers remotely is quite simply a necessity, so why make it complex?

Access Nebula Control Center (NCC) from anywhere with an internet connection and configure, monitor and fault find issues without the complexity of remote site access.

More about Nebula

Over the air updates

Fast and efficient over-the-air updates, Configuration changes and firmware updates are done over the air, firmware can be automated to suit each site’s requirements.

Mobile app notifications

Our Nebula Mobile app can not only streamline the installation process. It also gives you instant notification on the status of your connected networks.

Guest access made easy

Configure guest access with a click here and a click there. Including the support for Captive Portal, User and device management and auto guest protection (guest isolation).

No additional
hardware or software

Configure and monitor with a few clicks from your browser or via the nebula app, without the hassle of installing additional software or hardware.

Whatever your size, small or large, Nebula has been designed to support Multi-tenant (Organizations) and individual sites, all in a single pane of glass.

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user management

The nebula platform includes built-in user management for those who don’t have the expertise or requirements for External platforms like RADIUS.

The user management (cloud authentication) can be used in conjunction with different access types like 2FA, WPA Enterprise and user access.

At home, in the office,
it's all just connected

Establish L2TP or site to site VPN’s to keep branch locations securely connected. Site-to-site or hub-and-spoke VPN connections can be configured with complete simplicity through a few simple clicks, without any complex VPN configuration steps.