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ZyWALL with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Solution

ZyWALL with
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Solution

A More Secure VPN Service

Amazon VPC is one of the most popular services included in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) package for one critical reason: security. The service was born in 2009 out of the need to protect customer data within Amazon's sprawling data center network. It does this by creating an isolated environment when users launch instances within the AWS. In this setting, users can create their own rules and policies for service.

Other features like security groups provide additional layers of protection. Just as it does for its own data centers, Amazon VPC can boost security for third-party centers. The ZyWALL series has been tested by Amazon as customer gateway devices, allowing users to easily select the Zyxel template from the named vendor list.

What is Amazon VPC?

Why Should a Growing Business Use a VPN?

Today's Internet environment is infested with criminals and disreputable entities engaged in cyber snooping and mass data collection. What can you do to keep your personal and business's data safe?

Only a virtual private network (VPN) offers security and privacy protection that can keep the online predators at bay.

What is a VPN?

ZyWALL VPN Series - Better Management and Usability

Easy, Secure, and Faster

The ZyWALL VPN series offers a simple, reliable IPsec VPN solution that allows enterprises to safely access and transfer information from branch to branch, while easily connecting employees, partners, and customers, helping growing businesses overcome the challenges of expansion.

Hybrid Cloud Offers the Best of Both VPN Options

ZyWALL VPN series featuring the latest ZLD4.30 firmware, taking full advantage of the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Whether one is shifting all operations to the cloud or taking a more measured approach, Amazon VPC allows businesses to choose the path that suits their needs while increasing cost savings and time to market.

Easy Deployment

Offers quick network through SecureDeployer from a single gateway. Easily deploy up to 50 remote devices and receive remote overview of device status as well as health monitoring without additional software purchase.

*available in ZLD4.31

Support Facebook WiFi

Allows business users to reach more customers with easy-to-use free marketing tools. It's a unique social media enhancement for local businesses.

Easy Dashboard

Provides a simple tool for managing your VPN. The information-rich interface puts critical data like connection overview, user statistics, and tunnel health at your fingertips.

Free one-year security services

Comes with one year of free security services, including Content Filtering and Geo-Enforcer features to block access to harmful and unproductive web content, while providing clear network visibility.

A few steps to get started AWS VPC