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ATP included in Nebula

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Uncompromising and Unifying Network Protection

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Elevate Collaboration with Advanced ATP on Cloud

To power network security, we strengthen the Zyxel Security Matrix in Nebula with ATP firewalls on cloud, giving peace of mind with collaborative network defense and sandboxing provisioning. Get detailed reports for investigations, active monitoring, high visibility of network activities, with our evolving security protection.

Nebula, One Platform for Everything

Everything you need on a simplified and unified Nebula Platform. Nebula solution allows you to easily manage, monitor, analyze ATP firewalls, access points, and switches.

One-Stop Shop Service for Partners

We make it simple for partners by optimizing service and management on a single platform — Zyxel Circle. Intergrated Nebula license, auto data and license time alignment, provide easy renewal and purchase process bringing a consistent customer experience both in platform and licensing.

Stay Ahead of the Threats with CDR

Collaborative Detection & Response (CDR) is used to identify threats and risks posed in the more complex organization workforce, workload, and workplace. ATP firewalls to Nebula provides network admins with a rule-based security policy. The firewalls detect a threat on any of the connected clients and will sync with the Nebula control center, then automatically respond to cyber threats and contain the device(s) at the edge (Wireless Access Point) of your network. It is a perfect fit for IT to address the requirements of a decentralized network infrastructure and provide automatic protection.

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