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myZyxel is the license and service lifecycle management portal for Zyxel’s business customers. Built on a cloud-based infrastructure, it delivers stable and efficient services to our customers all over the world. myZyxel offers an array of enhancements that enable our channel partners to develop their businesses and support their end customers.

myZyxel supports

  • NXC Series  in firmware V4.10 or later
  • UAG Series  in firmware ZLD4.0 or later.
  • UAG50 in firmware V2.00 or later.
  • ZyWALL USG and VPN Series in firmware ZLD4.20 or later.
  • ZyWALL ATP Series in firmware ZLD4.30 or later.
  • Legacy USG Series  in firmware ZLD3.30 or later.



Our latest app, myZyxel, helps customers register devices and services plus keep track of service notifications. New services and devices can be added to an account easily through QR code scanning, while the app’s neatly made it simple for customers to retain the services they need.

Important note: The myZyxel App requires a registered myZyxel account. Please visit to sign up if you don’t already have one.

myZyxel App

myZyxel Benefits

Easy Registration

myZyxel allows users to register devices and activate services online anytime, anywhere as a supplemental service to traditional registration directly through the device GUI. This can save significant management time and effort, especially when registering large quantities of products or licenses at the service portal.

We Grow Your Business

At Zyxel, we understand the necessity for our channel partners to have an efficient tool to handle end-user device and licensing registration. myZyxel now provides a separate tiered portal for channel partners. With partner privileges, our resellers can view and manage registered devices and licenses under their customers’ accounts. In addition, a variety of reporting features give Zyxel channel partners an efficient approach to growing their businesses.

Non-stop Service

MyZyxel provides stable and uninterrupted service to all our customers, backed by the strength of our cloud-based infrastructure. It is an efficient way for customers around the world to access services anytime, anywhere, allowing management and operations to run smoothly and effectively.

How to Register myZyxel Account

myZyxel Account Roles and Privileges

myZyxel provides end-customer and reseller account roles for different types of users in a multi-function management platform. Users can register online at myZyxel based on to their specific needs, and can manage their accounts according to the privileges afforded their roles.

  • Benefits of Being a Reseller:
    • Viewing and managing all the devices registered with your select reseller account
    • Uploading: batch device/license assets import
      • Managed service providers save time and effort enrolling customer assets
    • Report: including reports for expired services, activated services, and registered devices
      • Help MSPs produce management reports
      • Help MSPs systematically manage licensing status of customers

Registration Flow

A. Start from device GUI
B. Start from service portal (

  1. Account Registration
    • Please login with your myZyxel account or create a new account.
    • Choose individual or business account category if you have not already done so.
  2. Device Registration
    • Please register your device by filling in the MAC address and serial number.
  3. Service Registration
    • Please enter your service license key and then link to the device that you want to activate.
  4. Refresh Service
    • An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you once you have successfully registered.
    • You can refresh your service status at the device GUI.