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Reputation Filter

Security Service

70% of Threats Can be Stopped by Reputation Filter Service

Zyxel’s Reputation Filter service consist of IP Reputation, DNS threat filter, and URL threat filter. Matching up IP/domain/URL addresses with the always-up-to-date cloud reputation database and determines if an address is reputable or not. This improves blocking efficiency, restricts access to malicious IP/domain/URL, and blocks access from compromised sources, thus providing granular protection against ever-evolving cyber threats and it works effectively without the need to adopt deep inspection.

Cost Effective

Time Saving

Little Computing Power

A Highly Effective Way to Keep Networks Secure

IP Reputation Filter sustains operational security needs by providing a dynamic service to inform automation decisions and strengthen its defenses. IT security administrators can easily identify threats by type to protect their networks and gain dramatic improvements in security efficacy and efficiency with a continuously updated feed of known malicious IP addresses. This service integrates seamlessly and is tailored for your business needs.

Keeping Malicious or Harmful Sites Away

Analyzing over 37 billion URLs, Zyxel’s URL threat filter service can keep your business safe and productive by blocking malicious web content. As with a credit score predicting the risk of loans or investments, a reputation score can forecast the security risk of visiting a website. Offer your customers industry-leading protection against malicious sites leveraging risk scores independent of the content category to finely tune security settings based on your unique business needs. The data feeds allow immediate detection of URLs used to host phishing, malware, exploits, botnet C&C URLs, and other malicious contents.

DNS Threat Filter Completes the Reputation Services

DNS threat filter is an inexpensive approach to mitigate the risk of downloading a web-based threat by blocking access to URL/domain known for distributing malicious content. By effectively relieving HTTPS traffic, work better together with IP and URL reputation, as a complete set of reputation solutions for threat preventions. It also reduces the risk of phishing attacks – thus enhancing an organization’s online security posture further.

Keep Your Business Safe and Productive

Reputation Filter works with Zyxel’s Multi-layer Protection, which guards against threats with multiple vectors from in and out. It contains comprehensive security features like sandboxing, app patrol, web filtering, reputation, anti-malware, and IPS. As soon as your devices are up and running, Zyxel services are solid ways to safeguard your network without any unattended openings for attacks.

Single Click Buy and Renew Zyxel License Online

Zyxel Circle & Marketplace platforms are designed to transform the way you do business. Now you can easily buy and renew Zyxel licenses with just a single click from our online stores. We offer clear status of your service and give you intuitive automatic license activation after your purchase. For more advanced client management features, Circle is a simpler way for our partners to manage and grow their business.

  • Support Alert/Block/Quarantine containment actions
  • Prevent malicious wireless clients network access with blocking feature
  • Customizable warning messages and redirect URL
  • Bypass by IP or MAC address with exempt list